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[SCRIPT][VEHICLE][WIP] Submarine Simulator

  • Hey there!
    I've been playing some military submarine simulators lately and I'm generally a big fan of submarines so I thought about something like a submarine simulator in GTA V.
    San Andreas has a big ocean and much space to hide, hunt or explore.
    I will work on a script and of course the needed submarines in the next time.
    The script will feature torpedos, missiles (against sea, land and air targets), sonar, periscope, countermeasures, ways to eject special forces while being submerged and much more.

    Currently there's not much to show since I've just started with this project but I'll post some pictures or videos soon.

    As for the vehicles, I wanted to start with a Type 212 submarine but there are only paid models out there. Well there's one in a game called "Dangerous Waters" but I failed ripping the model with multiple methods so I guess it's not possible to rip from this game.
    I would much appreciate it if anyone has an other idea about that!

  • @Oskar well skyline ported a uss dallas a while ago,i guess u can start scripting with that first. : /?

  • Sounds quite interesting. Also a feature you should add is to lower the crush depth. It does get lowered in the Merryweather Heist (possibly removed) so you are able to go deeper.

  • @nkjellman Yeah, will do that!
    @Elope Well I need to do some model edits for some functions to work and I've already started with some features for the Type 212 so I'm trying to get a model of it.

  • I'm currently searching for someone who could make me some small graphics like a periscope texture and stuff like that. So if anyone wants to help me, I would really appreciate that!

  • @Oskar I'll take a shot with the graphics when I can. I'm in the middle of a quarter right now for school, so is it okay if it waits for a little bit?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Sure, I'll continue trying to get a model of the sub I want in that time!

  • So what I've got currently is a simple periscope script (without a periscope texture yet) and a very basic torpedo script. I will work on countermeasures and helicopter and plane (probably P-3C) launched torpedos in the next time.

    I'm planning to buy this model as the first sub for mod in case some is interested in donating for it: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-german-type-212-submarine/1093774

    If not then I'll continue on the script for a while and see what the future holds.

    Screenshots and videos will follow!

  • Small update. A basic target detection is now implemented.

    Regarding the model: I've found a quite cheap model which will probably look very cool with some new textures and some small model edits.


    I'm going to buy this one but I'm currently not able to do that since I don't have a credit card yet and there are still some issues with my PayPal account which I can't solve right now. I'll buy the model if I'm somehow able to fix the PayPal issue.

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