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[Script]Last Gen Air Traffic

  • Like the title says, I'm looking for a mod which enables air traffic like back on Ps3/X360.

    You could see a lot of jets (747s) parked at the airport as well as taking off and landing. Same goes for the Titan taking off at Zancudo.

    On Ps4/XBone/ you frequently see a jet landing at LSIA, but I have pretty much never seen a 747 start at LSIA on the new platforms and them spawning at the airport is also a lot more rare than on last gen. Would be cool if someonce could "fix" that.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I believe the function is still there,just malfunctioning in some way....
    The airtraffic is defined in vehiclemodelsets.meta in update.rpf/common/data/ai,
    under the line <Name>AIRPORT_PLANES</Name> & <Name>AIRPORT_PLANES_SMALL</Name>
    The second one defines what plane to spawn in the taxi way, to land in the runway which heads towards Mount Chilliard, and some of the planes in the sky.
    The first one is defining the ones landing and taking off and spawning in the airport.and originally it's only the 'JET' written there.If you try to change this to another plane like the 'MILJET' or 'LUXOR' you can see these planes taking off more often.like 40%~50% of the time you visit the airport.But once you add 'JET' back in it,the percentage drops to about 25%,and you never see the 'JET'takes off,it's always the 'LUXOR' or 'MILJET'.
    There's two possible things lead to this,either something in the 'vehicles.meta' like some strange flags ,or it's in the modelling.I tend to believe it's the model though.Cuz I've tried adding add-on planes to the file,and it seems your B707,B757,DC-10,KC10,E3 and bushiido444's B777 and some of these actually use the same vehicles.meta as the 'JET'
    The common thing of these might be the smaller size than the 'JET'?
    However the 'CARGOPLANE',which is bigger than the 'JET',also works to spawn to take off though....Strange,huh?
    So I still think some data is causing this.

    Dunno if it would be any help to you : P

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Anyway a script would be more appreciated : D since even the last gen air traffic is not so busy as the real LAX
    Wish to see a script to make the scene of jets of all kinds (Jumbo Jets,Learjets,Propellers etc...) lining up waiting to take off.
    Would be better if a scripter can also make jets circling around near the airport in the air corridor waiting to get landed(maybe not : D?), land then taxi to the terminal or parking spots,instead of always having only one jet lands there and parks at that fucking hangar.
    Ah,and invincibility to the jets would be nice,since some big jets like skyline's A380 and someone else's IL-76 tend to be crashing into the land all the time,blocking the runway.We dont have crashes every hour ,dont we lol?

  • yea, I have been using vehiclemodelssets.meta to spawn multiple of my aircraft (add-on) so I can have A320s, 757s, A380s, etc at the same time spawning in the air/landing and so on for more diverse air traffic. But the take-off/spawning rate is still lower than on last gen :/

    A complete script with taxiing and waiting in line aircraft would of course be even better, but at the moment I would already be satisfied with a "simple fix"

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Even a script to remake how the planes taxi in the runway in GTA:IV is fine to me : P

  • @Elope I just want planes on the goddamn airport dammit. Anything that adds and moves planes is fine to me xD

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Well then,what about the map editor?There's got to be a way to make add-on vehicles spawn-able with it and save it as a map


    @SkylineGTRFreak late ass reply but how do you do that? i've been trying to figure it out for a while

  • @Reacon check this:

    It also enhances the spawn rate at LSIA


    @SkylineGTRFreak i actually managed to figure it out not long after i asked that question i just forgot to say so, thanks anyway bro!

  • @Elope i believe that this has to do with the chances of a particular plane spawning, not with the frequency at which they spawn

  • @Elope editing vehiclemodelsets does help but it’s not a perfect fix.

  • Well it happened there is a mod to do this now

    Link: https://sl.gta5-mods.com/misc/lsia-improvements

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