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OpenIV/OAC and Vehicle Sounds

  • I've been trying to convert some audio from another game to GTA but it never seems to come out right. I'm trying to replace the Elegy sounds (supercar_5_jp_v6) with real Nissan GT-R sounds with Audacity.

    I'm taking the original samples which were apparently encoded with "ADPCM" compression. I've made sure they're all the same or similar lengths to the Elegy's sounds. Trying to import them as an OAC file (OpenIV's version of GTA's AWC files) prompts an error from OpenIV saying they must be PCM format.

    So I go back to Audacity, export every sound as a 32-bit float PCM. OpenIV lets me import them, but in-game the Elegy is silent and its radio is disabled.

    My only other PCM option is 16-bit signed PCM. That imports fine too, and the Elegy's radio works, but for some reason instead of using my new sounds, it's using very, very quiet versions of its original sounds. I'm making sure to replace the supercar_5_jp_v6 sounds in STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf. Does anyone familiar with audio mods know where I'm going wrong?

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