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Can't get any mod menus to work.

  • I have been looking all over and didn't even come close to finding a solution. I can't get any mod menus to work, when I get into game I can't open the menu or anything. I have all the requirements installed (Microsoft Visual 2013 & 2015) and the latest ScriptHook and such. I'll include screen shots and hopefully someone can help. The menyoo log just says log file created. I have screenshots of everything else. Thanks!

  • I think i've found part of the problem. If I delete the mod stuff and put it back fresh the log files are only created if I attempte to start game using the GTAV.exe but it tells me to start the game using the launcher. The launcher doesn't actually work and needs to be started through steam. Only the GTAV.exe seems to be activating the mods and creating the logs...

  • @ItsOkImADoctr Your game version is 1.0.791, so menyoo won't work. Update the game to the latest version.

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