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HOW TO: Enable retractable landing gear for addon helicopters

  • Hi all,

    I discovered how to enable retractable landing gear for addon helicopters. You need to add the flag FLAG_HELICOPTER_WITH_LANDING_GEAR to the <flags> section of vehicles.meta for the model.

    I found this flag in update.rpf/dlc_patch/mppilot/common/data/levels/gta5/vehicles.meta for the swift and successfully used it to make an addon helicopter's landing gear retract.


  • This is great news, thanks a very lot!!! :D


    Bookmarked for when I start adding heli's to a Heli Add-on :)

  • Thanks, I can finally continue on my NH90 now!

  • I don't know why but somehow the front landing gear is still not working while the other ones are working :/

    NVM I think I know why.

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