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Landing gear angle , Animation

  • @SkylineGTRFreak @CANAL-EMBRAER-GTA is there anyway, to increase landing gear animation from 90 degrees to lets say 140 degrees?
    i am making Predator Drone, the problem is its front gear closes at 135 degrees. and Gta 5 landing gear animation stops at 90 degrees. so the gear just stops half way. is there a file i can edit? its not there in handling,meta, the entries over there control landing gear doors. but not the angle of landing gear itself.

    if anyone knows please let me know. that is the only thing remaining on the Drone for release.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It might be because it is an animation. Custom animations are not yet possible in GTA. I could be wrong.

  • @Yoha said

    "so first, you know there are 2 numbers in one value, right? like RotZ: 0, 0 these 2 "0"

    , you need write like this

    RotZ: -80, 55 or RotZ: 80, -55"

    Thanks yoha i hope this will work. will check right away! :D

    @nathanjamesddg151 its regarding the angle more . yea i know custom animations are not possible. learnt it the hard way :P thanks for your reply :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    Write like this: RotZ: -80, 55 or RotZ: 80, -55

    The one you post will confuse people.

  • And each number should never big than 90, it will not work, if one of these 2 numbers big than 90.

  • @Yoha oh!!! 90 degrees haan! but i wanted landing gear to move to -140 degrees! too sad. might not work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    No, you can make angle larger than 90.
    like you want 140.
    You need write this: RotZ: 89, -61 or RotZ: -89, 61 or RotZ: -70, 70 and RotZ: 70, -70

    You can see, none of them big than 90, but sum of these 2 number is 140.

  • @Yoha OMG!! IT worked . the landing gear goes to -140 degrees . sucess!!! Thank you very much Yoha.

  • But I have always been using angles greater than 90° :/ just make sure if it's a positive digit to write it this way:

    RotZ: 0,140

    And if it's negative:

    RotZ: -140,0

    Positive number needs to have a 0 on front

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Yes i can confirm that you are right. angels greater than 90 Also work. it worked for me.! Thanks for your reply :)

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