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SweetFX+ENB Need help

  • Hi everyone!
    I would like to begin with my apologies for my english, I am not a native speaker. So, sorry me please.
    And now to my problem.
    Few days ago, i downloaded this: SweetFX + Enb HD 1.3
    I really like it, BUT! When the night comes to gta v... I get this: https://postimg.org/image/3p4e8d4tl/

    alt text

    Unfortunately, author of this modification doesn't know what to do with this. So maybe here, someone will help me to solve this problem.

    Installed in my GTA V:
    VisualV - latest version
    Radiance 1.8
    Car mods - a lot of

  • @Deicer First, your English is fine. :slight_smile: I'm not a native English speaker too.

    And to your problem, It looks like you are using Framescale. This causes this problem. (Glitch of ReShade I guess)
    If you do that to get better performance and don't want to deactivate it, you just could set a custom resolution in your graphics drive. There are some tutorials how to do that for AMD or Nvidia graphic cards. Just take your game resolution and the Framescale factor and you can calculate what resolution that would be and set it in the Driver. That's the way I fixed it when I still had my old graphic card.

  • @Kwebbl
    O_o OMG! Thank you! Thank you very much for your help! Everything is perfect now!!! :D I turned off Framescale and BOOM! It works! Problem solved.

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