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Game suddenly crashing :(

  • Damn, game suddenly 'stopped responding', twice in a row, when I tried to start it up today. What's up with that?! Haven't even made any changes since my last play! And the logs show no errors whatsoever.

  • @meimeiriver I think the psychics are off duty today, so you might have to provide more information... like what have you tried so far to fix it? What have you got installed that might be causing it? What have you removed to try and fix it etc...?

  • It's working again. :)

    I think it was caused by me saving my last game with a ped whose identity (hash) I hadn't set to Michael. After a few retries, the game loaded, but with a ped with most body parts missing. Guess next time I should just save the game with 'known' entity. :) (This was a custom loaded ped from the Skin Control 2.1 mod, so nothing the game would be able to load as default on startup).

  • @meimeiriver Glad you got it working and even more so that you posted the cause. That's definitely something I would never have even considered, so that's new information for the troubleshooting collection, thank you. :D

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks for the swift reply. :)

    Yeah, I figured it had to be something like that (if not, my next step would have been to remove the last savegame). I was lucky it finally started up, after all, albeit with a crippled ped. Lesson learned. :)

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