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Mods and Conflicts, plus some suggestions?

  • Hello, after some years of playing GTAV on friends' consoles I finally managed to get it for my PC. My main goal in buying the game was adding some sweet sweet mods to improve my experience - I particularly disliked the "magic police" and the "peds shrugging off bullets" aspects of V (I particularly remember cops and others falling down for a good 15 secs after getting shot in IV, quite realistic and cinematic), and was delighted to find mods specifically tailored to these issues.

    However, I soon noticed that modding GTAV is not as straightforward as, say, a Bethesda game - specially the OpenIV tool and directly modifying RPFs. After reading around a lot and experimenting, I managed to break the game (no missions starting). After this experience, I would really appreciate some help installing the mods - not only a 'hurr durr how to' guide, but also which mods should overwrite which (such as ERO, RVO and RWG). Also, the RDE mod had something about changing the gameconfig.xml file, which I did but thought would bug out since other files could overwrite it later (honestly though, I have no idea).

    So I was thinking about installing:
    -> Some graphics improvement pack, like VisualV (not the focus though)
    -> A police enhancer (RDE seemed like the obvious choice)
    -> A weapons sound enhancement (Gun Sounds Overhaul seems good, I can't find that "bakas" stuff I've seen people mention)
    -> A gunfire reaction and damage mod (RWG seems good, but it focuses on the weapons; RVO does some cool stuff and ERO is almost exactly what I wanted; GoreV sounds good but it looks weird on the vids)

    I know I'm asking for a lot (and that a lot of what I ask is supposed to be already available, though for the life of me I still don't understand completely the OpenIV tool), but if you guys could help me install those (and suggest others, if you'd like), I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

  • All I know is about the graphic mod and I'm only 90% sure that it won't affect the missions, and I'm sure you already know this but don't use mods online :D

  • @MarEe0 I'd start with something like this (pretty good combination of mods). It has police enhancements, weapon enhancements, reaction, damage, etc. But I installed Rippler's Realism 3.0 on top of it because I like the weapon enhancements better. You can also find the Baka Sound mod there. Then lastly, I installed VisualV and let it overwrite the necessary files. It all seems to work great without any issues.

  • Btw, I managed to pinpoint what exactly causes the no missions starting bug. It's gameconfig.xml. Some of the ones uploaded here have this issue. I was able to solve it by using this one. Use the one that is inside the folder that says something like "for who has problem with missions and Phone blackscreen".

  • Thanks guys!

  • @MarEe0
    About the mods conflicting with each other:
    OpenIV doesn't have a feature that warns you about modified files before you replace them and it also doesn't have a feature that combines the previously edited files with the new ones, so you have to remember what files you've edited before you start replacing any files. I wish it would have both of these features but atleast as of right now, it doesn't have them.

    For this case let's use the "vehicles.meta" file from the RDE and VisualV mods. The VisualV vehicles.meta only effects one vehicle in the game (from what I know atleast) and the edit is something that you most likely won't even notice and is not really necessary to have installed, in my opinion. RDE's vehicles.meta however effects multiple different vehicles and is somewhat required for the mod to work like it was intended (I think RDE will work without it just fine but atleast I would recommend installing it), so obviously you want to have the RDE vehicles.meta replace the VisualV one when installing them.
    So in this case you install VisualV first then install RDE, that way the RDE vehicles.meta will replace the VisualV one.

    However, let's take a completely different example with the RDE and RWG mods.
    Both of these mods have a file called "pedhealth.meta" included, I have no idea what has been changed in the RDE version or what has been changed in the RWG version.
    The way to solve this is that you either contact the author in the comment section of the download page, GTA5-Mods Forums, GTAForums or whatever website you might be able to use to contact them and ask them if they happen to remember what lines they edited in the above file, this however usually doesn't work as the author might've edited that file months ago and no longer remembers what they changed.
    Let's assume that the author remembered what they had changed and gave you the lines, what you need to do now is open the pedhealth.meta file from one of the above mods (the other mod who's author you didn't contact) with Notepad/Notepad++, find the lines that were edited by the author of the other mod who you contacted, and replace the lines in the opened .meta file with the ones that the author gave you. This is really time consuming if you have multiple files to do this on and it might take days/weeks/months for the author to get back to you if you don't have a direct way to communicate with them (such as Steam, Skype, Discord, etc.).
    Let's assume that the author doesn't remember what they had edited or hasn't replied yet and you really want to install the mod, the only way that I know of is that you decide if you want to install the file from RDE or RWG and then you simply install that file and leave the other one be. It's not the best solution but it's what I end up doing about 99% of the time when it comes to situation like these.
    You could also try checking the comment section/forum thread (if there's one) about the mod in case somebody has asked about the edited lines in the past, but usually you won't be able to find anything about them, especially when it comes to mods that edit a lot of different files such as RDE and RWG.

    And for the mods:
    For the graphics it would definitely be VisualV, it's the best one out there in my opinion. You could also try ENBs (not the ENB files that come with VisualV) if you want but VisualV is just enough if you're not interested in ENBs.
    For the police, RDE is pretty much the only one that I know that works with the newest version of the game. There used to be another mod called Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement but that hasn't been updated in months so I'm not sure if it works with the newest version or not.
    For the weapons sounds, I personally use the Insurgency sound mod and absolutely love it, but Gun Sounds Overhaul is a mod that I used to use before and it definitely works well.
    For the weapon mods, I've only used RWG so I can only recommend that one, but the other ones are worth a shot if you want.

  • @stillhere I have the same problem if you have seen my topic here, I tried the method you linked but hasn't solved my issue, if you had this problem before what exactly did you do to solve it?

  • @TRiNiTY_iiReMix I've had the problem once last year but the issue just "went away" as I was installing add-on vehicles. I had the issue again just this week, after installing the mods mentioned in my previous post + the GTA V Re-Sized mod.

    What was weird is that I already had those installed and I didn't have the mission bug, but due to some other issues I was having, I decided to reinstall everything except my dlclist, extrametadata, and gameconfig. Then that's when the bug happened again; naturally, I would expect it was something to do with one of the files I just installed, since I reinstalled everything in a different order than I did last time. But since I didn't actually add any new mods, but just reinstalled them, I thought that maybe it was due to the order that I installed everything the second time around.

    So I tried reinstalling the mods again in many different orders, but nothing seemed to fix the bug. The vanilla files worked though, so I knew it had to be with something I installed... turns out it was my gameconfig, even though I didn't have the bug while using that same gameconfig before I reinstalled my mods the first time.

    So it sounds like it could be a combination of gameconfig.xml and another file, since simply changing your gameconfig didn't work for you as it did for me. I'd recommend starting with a fresh update.rpf (hopefully you use the mods folder) and reinstall all the mods that install to it (so you don't have to reinstall your add-ons too). Keep your dlclist and extrametadata files so you don't have to mess with those; I'm pretty positive they have nothing to do with the bug.

    TL;DR, this is exactly what I did when I realized that it was my gameconfig that was causing the issue:

    1. I replaced my update.rpf/common folder with the vanilla one and tested the game. It didn't have the bug. So this indicated to me that the issue was in this folder.
    2. I added back my dlclist, extrametadata, and gameconfig. I didn't install any other mod (add-on vehicles were still installed though). I tested the game and I had the bug.
    3. I narrowed it down to the gameconfig.

  • @stillhere Well being the idiot I am I don't have a back up of my update folder, if I couldn't find it online guess I dont have other options but to re-install the whole game ;_;

  • @TRiNiTY_iiReMix I re-installed the whole game (had a Steam backup), then reinstalled the mods (without RWG this time), and took special care with the gameconfig file. It worked.

    @Carrythxd @stillhere Thanks a LOT guys!

  • @MarEe0 No problem, glad to help :)

  • Any other ideas? i have the same bug but changing the gameconfig didn't work

  • @BornSinner Either re-install the mods or re-install the game if you don't have back ups.

  • @stillhere Hey man, after some time with other mods I decided to do exactly what you suggested (get the Fine-Tuned pack, Rippler's, and VisualV). However, cars no longer get dented now. Did you run into something similar?

  • @MarEe0 I just checked, and there doesn't seem to be any problem; I can dent cars just fine. Maybe you had a vehicle deformation mod that made cars dent more? I see that deformation relies on the handling.meta file in update.rpf/common/data, hopefully that helps!

    Edit: Hah, just realized you already got this solved! :thumbsup: :grin:

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