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gta 5 err_fil_pack_1

  • Does anyone know how to fix gta 5 err_fil_pack_1?

  • I have the same error bro.. Any help?¿

  • @danibom ik its from having too many dlc cars and stuff but i dont know how to fix it im stuck at having 76 added dlc cars

  • @EliteSamOfficial It Is also happening to me, I think because of adding too many dlcs. I added more cars in one dlc and tested and it worked for me but if I add one more dlc my game crashes with this error, I think this is because of mpstunt. Still looking for solution.

  • @abdullah96 @danibom I Found a Solution just combine addons into car packs. This will make it so there is more room to add dlc.

  • Is there any other solutions?

  • @EliteSamOfficial I have the same issue. What do you mean by "combine addons into car packs"?

  • @subbtert For everycar you have put them into a single dlc.rpf

  • @EliteSamOfficial Well how the hell do I do that...

  • @ahmed023 Good question.
    @EliteSamOfficial I have noticed that others have different limits, for example I get the ERR_FIL_PACK_1 after the 99th add-on. If I downsize my dlclist but leave the add-on dlc folder in the dlcpacks it won't crash either however that isn't an ideal solution. The problem might be beyond the dlcpacks.

  • One has to combine the different small packs into one huge pack.
    How to do it, I requested as well...

    And please, this topic already exists, be so kind to use already existing topics of the same question?
    Would make things far more easy, to al of us. :)

  • @Sammy1970 I just googled the topic and this forum was the very first that came up.

  • The problem with creating addon packs, is the inconsistency with how modders are creating their addons. Consider this image of two addons, notice how different they are. You have to try and provide a simple solution, for solving a problem that can be as complex as this.

    If you gave those two addons to most users and said "Just combine those two", I suspect you would get a look of horror in return.


  • @LeeC2202 It's not that hard, you just need to know how to do it properly. And some patience.
    But I agree with you.. it's a nightmare to combine different RPFs. It's more fun when there's 3 or more. :)

  • @Akila_Reigns With all due respect to how good that tutorial is, it covers nowhere near enough information to cover combining those two addons I have shown a picture of. Especially for people who have never done one of these before. If you write a tutorial based on standardised data, it completely falls apart if there is potential for non-standard data to exist. That's what stopped me writing a tool to do this, the source data is potentially a minefield.

    But I didn't say making addon packs is hard, it is the inconsistency of the addon pack structure that makes it hard, especially when no tutorials cover situations like the one above. Like everything, it's not hard to do something, if you have done that thing many times before. For the first time user, it's a different story... and given how many times I see people requesting this type of help, it's a common story as well. But like scripting, not hard to do but even a simple Ped spawning script can be too much for someone who has never written a script of any kind.

    I tend to go through my addon packs and standardise them first, especially as some addons are so bloated it's ridiculous. But I make them into a common format that is easier to combine. But even writing a tutorial to do that, would end up in a tutorial as long as the whole replace to addon vehicle section in that tutorial you linked to, simply because of how many different non-standard layouts there are.

    I'd love to write some tutorials because they are very much needed, it's all a matter of time... perhaps I need to find some to help people out, instead of writing script mods for a while.

    What it actually needs though, is the modders to read that tutorial so they can make addons that conform to some kind of standard, to make this process easier for the end-users. Chances of that happening = zero I suspect.

  • That is basically what I am tripping over.
    I need to combine 30+ mods into a single mod pack, but 18 of them use different systems.
    Thus, I get totally lost in the whole.
    Being Aperger with ADHD, that helps me no further.
    The differences in the whole makes me want to throw the PC out of the window, God knows how many times I tried, but never succeeded.

    Another issue is: most people writing a tut, turn a simple thing into a frikken library of words, where one loses the entire tutorial info.

    A good tutorial, IMHO, should be like:

    1. create new directory, with specific name.
    2. open .RPF to be added.
    3. copy all data blahblah

    I tried to read many of the tuts, but none make sense, because 80 words of information is tucked away in 1000 words with no value to the tutorial, so well hidden I sometimes miss them, or worse, I forget the true info by the time I read the full, 4 part Lord of the Rings volume Add-On Pack tutorial.
    Simplify, people, simplify... :)

    If only I knew how it works, I'd be writing a 50 word tut. lol

  • @Sammy1970 Tutorials are tricky to write, even worse when the subject is so damned awkward. Going off your previous posts, you're like me, you struggle to retain information that you read and that makes things even more difficult.

    It took me 10 years to do one specific task in C#, because I couldn't find a tutorial written in just the right way for me to understand and retain the information. Then I found it and it was like "Oh, so that's how it works".

    I'll give it some thought, see if I can put something together.

  • If I can be of ANY help, do not be shy and ask me to.
    My skype is Xogroroth.

    But yes, it's bloody hard to take 100 informative words out of a 6000 page novel... lol.

  • @Sammy1970 When I was planning to write the tool, I made this image to show me where things needed to go... I have no idea whether it is of any use to you but I found it helped me better visualise what the folder layout should be.


  • @LeeC2202

    I'm curious...
    What if we dropped everything from DLC packs (ONLY the add-on cars) with it's own DLCLIST.RPF into a single RPF, unchanged, and let the DLC.XML point to that new DLCLIST?
    And we do the same with the EXTRATITLEUPDATEDATA.XML?

    Could that work, you think?

    Basically, we create a single DLC that includes all alterations from the game...?

    Seeing, many use a different format to make add-ons, this should be very doable.
    At least, thus the theory says due to it is logical...

  • @Sammy1970 I was just about to reply to this very same post on the other thread. :D

    As far as I can tell, a dlcpack format has to be dlcfolder -> dlc.rpf -> [dlcpack files]

    So that means that you can't put a dlc.rpf as the next level inside an existing dlc.rpf
    I have never tried it though, so that's nothing more than a guess.

    Ignore extratitleupdate.xml though, that's a completely irrelevant file for addon mods, modders just keep adding that information into their instructions. I think that is proof more than anything, that they are not listening to the comments that are posted about addons. It has been known for months (if not more) that it is a useless file.

    ADD-ON 1
    ADD-ON 2
    ADD-ON 3

    Just a raw idea...

    Figures, I made a very nice set up of the idea, but the site removed all the added spaces. :(

  • @Sammy1970 What is that? :confused:

    And what did the site remove? Space between lines?

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