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Location of building in open iv

  • I'm currently making a realism mod that changes just about everything in the game that has the Bugstar logo on it to a nationally recognized brand. I'm trying to find the billboard on the Bugstar building in open iv without any success. Does anyone know where Rockstar has hidden it?

  • Assuming this is for the Bugstars building by the docks, I found something in "po1_08+hi.ytd" under po1_08_gg_brands.dds


    alt text


    Now that's a pretty worn sign :) Gotta love that.
    Very nice graffiti decal in that same ytd for use on some Mules and Pounders ;)

    This also shows clearly why some folks should stop sticking random clean google found images ingame and call it 'retexturing'

    @nikoli also check po01_08_lod.ytd for po1_08_wall_003_lod.dds. It has a bugstars lod decal in it.

    I haven't checked inside ydr's as I'm too lazy. It's such a drag OpenIV can't export models and deflate textures inside as it could in IV. Makes a lot less fun searching for stuff imo. First export the yft then deflate using txdworkshop, only to find it doesn't hold the textures you're looking for, meh

  • @ReNNie said in Location of building in open iv:

    It's such a drag OpenIV can't export models and deflate textures inside as it could in IV.



    @GooD-NTS Yeah my bad, Extracting via Openformats gets me the mesh and textures.
    But I couldn't see all the textures used on the ydr model inside OpenIV.
    So, still have to extract everything to see if there's textures inside the ydr?

    Eg in x64i.rpf - levels - gta5 - _citye - downtown_01 - dt1_09.rpf in dt1_09_carpark.ydr
    I can see the Pisswasser billboard in the viewer but not the wall textures on it.

  • @Vlad Additional info:
    _HI is High quality version texture (used when player is near the object) Without _HI is a normal draw distance texture , and there's a lod texture (for example view from maze bank shows lod txd's)


    @_Vlad_ @HeySlickThatsMe thanks, keep sharing so I get more enthusiasm for starting my retexturing. I still find it a bitch to navigate the files to search for textures.

  • @Vlad Yup i know but i was saying it to everyone (incase someone doesn't know)


    @_Vlad_ Thank you for assistance :)


    prop_container_03b ydr
    prop_contnr_pile_01a ydr
    prop_contr_03b_ld yft

  • @ReNNie I have an in game tool that lets you see the names of any prop/ building and the .ymap metadata file where it is defined. It was part of a script I eventually scrapped. From what i'm gathering such a tool might be useful to some people? I could clean it up and release it as it is..


    @CamxxCore That would definitely beat my current search method below ;) So, very much, "yes please"

    "How to search for Billboards for Dummies" in two pics

    alt text>alt text

  • @ReNNie Well i'm going to work on it and try and have it up on the site sometime today or tomorrow. I'll link it here when its approved (:


    @CamxxCore looking forward mate!

  • @ReNNie Ok here it is- https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-info-tool Let me know if it works out for you (: There is some memory editing involved so there is a bigger chance for instability or incompatibility across different game versions. Everything SHOULD work but.. yeah.. There is a chance :D


    @CamxxCore Fantastic. Buildings/props .. meaning it doesn't show your average ydr like a billboard or container? Or it does?
    Anyway, I'll be sure to check this out this week in between time-consuming things like work, family-life and what have you...

  • Thanks for the info, I must of gone over that folder at least five times without seeing it...

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