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modding cars

  • can you change name to car files to anything because fbi.ytd etc.. i find a lot while downloading police cars or how do i fix this. thanks in advance

  • @boomer2840 If you meant you need more law enforcement vehicles alongside the vanilla vehicles, yes, it's possible. :smiley:

    You can change the model names to anything you want, as long as it's an add-on and you have to change the vehicle name/modkit in meta files such as carcols, handling, vehicles, carvariations. @Reyser has written a tutorial about something similar, this is not different from it. If you have questions, I'm sure he'll gladly help you out.
    Also if you want your add-on police vehicles to be spawned during a wanted level, you have to edit the dispatch.meta. If you want, I'll explain how to do it.

    If that's not what you wanted, sorry.
    If you change your vanilla vehicle names to something else, they won't work properly.


    ... and edit popgroups.ymt aswell if you want an all new law enforcement unit to spawn in certain zones like RDE uses for Blain County Sherrifs

  • thanks guys i appreciate the help i will checkout that tutorial as well thanks again oh one more thing why sometimes when i add a car like the "develsix" it crashes game when i make folder for car with dlc.rpf

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