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  • now this may sound kind of stupid, but is anyone willing to continue the real badges mod? the cars that are missing are the DLC cars added since about last august. the reason i want this is that it is a low impact mod, as i have experienced disappearing textures when i have all my cars modded. I would rather have vanilla vehicles with real badging instead of all cars modded and my game have the same bugs as GTA 4

  • What bugs? The infamous taxi bug? The missing map texture bug? Game corruption bug?

    I remember there was this guy (https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/real-hd-badges-by-kimeurope-best-normal-maps) made these types of mods. He is pretty hostile towards others who do the same type of mod. With the introduction of new car mods that have real car conversions, I do not think that people even want to touch on the topic of impersonation real cars into vanilla cars. Modding has evolved so much that the new car mods are mainly real cars now-a-days.

    This type of mod is a texture mod, meaning that car geometry is not affected but game memory and FPS may differ. Good luck finding someone.

  • @J9090 Yeah I had the map disappear with all my cars modded, the badges are much better as a whole and I can play comfortably at 4K with them

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