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Extratitleupdate and dlclist

  • if anyone has a clean version of the latest dlclist and extratitleupdate I would be very happy if you could send it to me as I messed up and forgot to make a backup of these two file after the latest update and I do not want to verify game cache. either through skype or facebook messaging works fine for me. thank you

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz Looking back through your post history, you seem to have a mods folder installed, if that's the case, why don't you want to verify your files? All it will do is give you a clean set of original game files.

    As I am sure you are discovering, people are often reluctant to send original game files, because there are a lot of people using dodgy versions of the game and there is no guarantee that they're not simply helping a pirate fix their game.

    I'm not saying that's the case here but a reluctance to use the logical option of getting files back, will make people suspicious. You might have to wait a long time before you get what you need, if you are relying on someone sending you the files. I mean, you asked for the same two files 8 days ago, so if you're still waiting from that thread, that should give you an idea of how reluctant people are to send these files.

  • @LeeC2202 I have a legit copy and am totally against pirating as it is a insult to the developers. the reason I do not wish to use the logical way of getting clean files is because not all my mods are in the mods folder and I have worked through all the game crashes and freezes to the point my game is exactly the way I want it. I do understand why people would be suspicious and reluctant to send files, I would be the exact same way in this type of situation.

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz In that case, here's my suggestion...

    1. Make a complete copy of the game by duplicating the folder and renaming it to Grand Theft Auto V - copy or something.
    2. Verify the game and let it put the original files back.
    3. Use OpenIV and extract the dlclist and extratitleupdate files from the newly verified files.
    4. Delete (or move) the verified folder and rename the copy back to the proper name.
    5. Import the extracted dlclist and extratitleupdate file into your game.

    Doing that will give you the opportunity to save the verified files somewhere safe in case you ever need them again and you get to keep your modded files exactly as they are and can carry on using them that way.

  • @LeeC2202 last time I tried that it made my game crash. but I guess I could give it a try again if no one is still not willing to send me the files.

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz The thing is, the only files anyone can send you are the exact same ones you will get back from the verified version. A clean file is a clean file, no matter whether you get it through Steam or Facebook/Skype.

    If your game is going to crash with the ones Steam is giving you, then I suspect you have much bigger problems than just those two files. And going off your previous posts, which I also tried to help with, that is a very likely scenario. If you remember, you had a version on 944.1 that said it wasn't the latest version but it was.

    I think the fact that you are using modded game folder files and using a mods folder as well, could be part of the problem. All it needs is for files to be split across something like the two update.rpf files and you are guaranteed to have issues, because only one of them will load.

    By that I mean that you might have a modified dlclist in your update\update.rpf and a gameconfig in your mods\update\update.rpf. In that situation, only the gameconfig will get used because the mods folder supersedes any game folder files. The dlclist will be used from your mods folder, which of course will be the wrong one. File location consistency is critical, use either game files or mods folder, not both.

  • @LeeC2202 actually the only files not in my mods folder are texture files, I make sure I put dlclist and extratitle and gameconfig in the mods folder and update.rpf as well because if I don't my game will crash. the only reason why itll crash if I do what you suggest is because it overloads the system having all these unknown files come into the game at once. so installing little bits each time usually works.

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz You'll have to forgive my constant questions/suggestions... the problem with problem solving across the internet, is that I'm never sure if I'm on the same wavelength as the person with the problem. It all sounds clear in my head but I am never totally sure whether I have explained things in a way that makes it clear to the other person. :(

    With the method I suggested, it doesn't matter if it crashes when it runs because all you are doing is creating a disposable version with the clean files you want. You're not going to use that version, all it is used for is somewhere to extract the original files from with OpenIV. Once it is verified, and you have extracted the files, it can be deleted and you go back to using the copy of the game you have now, that works.

    So no verified files are coming into your working game, that's safe in the duplicate folder. Am I explaining things clearly enough? If not, please let me know... I won't be offended if you say no and I'm not in any rush to go anywhere, so I am happy to stay and explain it as many times as required if that will help you get things working.

  • @Hades-v-Rekoilz Sharing original files is prohibited in the forum. And listen to LeeC2202's suggestions, he's good with everything, so you'll get your answer soon.

  • @LeeC2202 I understand what you are saying, thank you for helping me and answering my other posts. and @V4D3R thank you for letting me know, I wasn't aware that it was one of the rules.

  • You shouldn't even be asking for game files if you have a legit copy....
    Its actually quicker and easier to do what LeeC2002 said.

  • @rastakilla Not everyone knows about verifying files.

  • @rastakilla The problem is, Steam users don't have to use a mods folder, which means that if they install something like Redux or LA Roads, it can be a pain. Verifying the game files could result in a complete game download, which in itself should be a lesson to use the mods folder. Compare that option with downloading two text files, I can fully understand why people ask.

    The problem is that a legitimate problem is being tainted by the fact that pirated users will try anything to get things working in their game, so anything that could be pirate related, raises suspicions.

    I have no real reason to suspect that is the case here but I also can't just outright give files away either... it goes against what I am. But that won't stop me providing potential solutions using legit methods I might add, I also can't not help people based on suspicions alone.

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