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[PLAYER] Porting this old CS:GO FBI/SWAT ped from GTAIV to GTAV

  • So theres a really good SWAT ped replacement mod for GTAIV located here- http://www.gta4-mods.com/player/csgo-fbi-swat-ped-f28731 that I used for years in GTAIV it was perfect, has great gear and lots of customization options and helmet/visors, and is hands down one of the best ped mods in GTAIV

    The download link on the site leads to a dead end but thankfully I had the file saved in my mod folder already and uploaded it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/1rvk7t874q9my3w/CSGO SWAT.zip?dl=0

    alt text

    I wanted to try and port it into GTAV but the problem is the files are all GTAIV format (.wdd, .wtd, .wft) and simply replacing the w to y doesn't work :^)

    And I don't have GTAIV installed because I needed space to install GTAV so I can't use Open IV on those files because no GTAIV.exe, and even if I did I wouldn't know what I was doing anyways cause I have no experience modding the game to that extent, so I'm requesting if anyone that does have the experience could please port this mod over to GTAV if you are able I would be really grateful, thanks in advance.

  • Changing the format to yft. ytd and other format wont work. You need to convert those to gta 5 format. By doing that youd need to put in the gta 4 files to zmodeler and convert it to gta 5. Theres Tutorials on youtube on how to do it.

  • @GTPZ Damn thats a bit outside of my scope for now but maybe I'll tackle it in the future I guess.

    In the whole though, would I just need to download zmodeler, follow tutorials to convert it and then replace or add the converted files and it would work just like any other ped mod? What about converting the texture files from .wtd to .ytd do I need zmodeler for that too?

  • @planetar0999 Well Zmodeler3 isnt free. If you get lucky, some modders on this website might be able to convert it for you.

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