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spawning vehicles

  • that would be great if their some kind of tool that addon vehicle can be spawn via menu but what if you dont remember the name of the spawn name

  • @hoxten You can add the vehicle to the simple trainer's add-on car list, it's easy to do.
    I think Menyoo can detect add-on vehicles by itself.

  • thanks and what you mean that menyoo can detect add on and where is the add-on car list

  • @hoxten I don't use Menyoo anymore, but I think someone who does will explain it to you. :(

  • but how i add the vehicle to the simple trainer's add-on car list,

  • To add vehicles to the simple trainer ini file, follow these instructions.

    Open the trainer.ini file and scroll down to the section called [AddedCars]

    Find an entry that says something like this:
    DisplayName1=Car 1

    If it has a 0 on the end of the first line, it means that slot is free to use.

    Change the 0 to a 1, so it looks like this:

    The second line is the spawn name for the model.
    ModelName1=spawn-name <- change this to the spawn name of your addon vehicle

    The third line is the name you want to appear in the Simple Trainer menu.
    DisplayName1=display-name <- change this to the name you want to see in the menu

    Do the same for each car you want to add to the menu, then save the ini file and go to the Vehicle Spawning > Added Vehicles Menu option when you are in the game.

    As an example, this is how the first three slots look in my ini file.

    DisplayName1=1957 Buick Roadmaster
    DisplayName2=1960 Chevrolet Corvette C1
    DisplayName3=1966 Ford Fairlane 500


    ^ Actually it isn't.

    I have 90 add-on's ordered by vehicle make. I'm never gonna maintain those in seperate cfg files...
    Keeping that many different cfg files for each category (eg vehicle make or add-on name) up to date instead of using one templated cfg file that is read by the script and incorporates those different categories inside that template, is way more efficient. But sadly said author doesn't want to implement that...

    I have my wish thought out and ligned up for Lee's MenuV system with an Excel-sheet that acts as the feed for the cfg file.
    Let's hope it'll work out one day... :wave_tone1:

    Until then the old 1.1 version of the Add On Car Spawner is much more easier to handle.
    But not available for download anymore. Luckily I still have that :)


    @V4D3R said in spawning vehicles:

    @hoxten I don't use Menyoo anymore, but I think someone who does will explain it to you. :(

    Out of sheer curiosity, why not any more, if I mask ask? There's something even better? :)

  • @hoxten Use Menyoo, it detects Addons.

  • @ReNNie said in spawning vehicles:

    I have my wish thought out and ligned up for Lee's MenuV system with an Excel-sheet that acts as the feed for the cfg file.

    That's easily doable, but not with an Excel sheet. To modify office documents in .Net, Office has to be present on the end-user's machine. I have software (that I have written) that uses Excel sheets as data sources and it only works on a PC with Excel installed. I presume it's to stop people writing Office compatible software with unlicensed versions of the library.

    Yes you could probably distribute the lib files with the app but it would be seriously frowned upon, if not illegal. You'd have to feed it comma-separated data as a text file or as an XML file.



    Correct, I just didn't elaborate yet but the thought is when the user exports the three first columns in that Excel to a CSV/TXT eg it reads DATSUN/s30y97y so VEHICLEMAKENAME DIVIDER SPAWNNAME
    By hand or also in the Excel template you could then add dividers so the menu systems knows when to show the entries in a next category like NISSAN.
    When using simple Excel you can add a lot of extra info on this car entry like does it have ML multi livery support, a modkit_ID, a specific LIGHTs_ID, etc etc and use sort orders on those too. Eg to only export part of your added collection to the menu list or first show the cars in the list with extensive modkits you play around with most...

    I'll add my script request and the Excel I'm using now this evening so we can discuss this to see if this is something you feel like doing anytime in the future :)

  • @ReNNie I had been thinking about writing a vehicle spawner for myself anyway, as I get tired of digging through Simple Trainer's many options to get to the few I really want. I had mentioned it in another thread where someone had asked about a spawner with added thumbnails... which is where the ImageList item fitted in with my menu system.

    My original plan was a full-screen, image browser type affair but then I got started with this menu system instead. But yeah, it was already in the schedule, so it's probably something I could do.

  • @meimeiriver I use simple trainer, menyoo is great, but my favorite is the simple trainer.


    @V4D3R Ah, I see.

    Actually, I'm using both myself. :) I like that Menyoo has a built-in customs, for instance, and can auto-drive me to my destination! (Although, as for the latter, I think Simple Trainer can do that too, somehow)

  • @Kwebbl but where i put the addons

  • @Kwebbl and thanks

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