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I get extra cars i did not install when i install a car mod. why does this happen?

  • in the title

  • @tungfun Assuming you are talking about add-on vehicles, some modders include their other vehicles in one RPF file. This allows more add-ons to be installed in one's game because it reduces the amount of RPF files to reference in the dlclist.xml file. You can delete the extra vehicles with openIV but I don't know the exact steps to take.

  • @tungfun This drives me crazy... one of the most annoying things I keep coming across, is people who think it's okay to release single cars in a pack and don't see fit to mention that in the description or title. :angry:

    It causes a nightmare for anyone trying to troubleshoot problems, because the user says "I installed just a single addon" and when you go and download the mod yourself, you find they've actually installed several.

    It's like that software that you install on your PC that looks like a single programme, until you discover those other resource eating processes in the background, from the other apps you didn't ask for. The worst thing is, they're often bloated, badly optimised vehicles, using about the same resources as ten cars would use... and you've just installed a pack of 2, 3 or more.

    If you find them, report the mod and put in the report comment that the mod contains multiple cars but the description only says one. rappo will amend the description to show what the mod really contains.


    Couldn't care less really. I always extract everything inside when I download an Add-On to see what has to be altered in the meta's like:

    • not having defragmented the dlc.rpf;
    • references in carvariations to a completely emtpy modkit not having any parts;
    • using a modkit ID that is already in use;
    • using a modkit ID but having just the 0_default_modkit lines inside the modkit;
    • carvariations with 10+ alterations with the just same colorscheme;
    • naming the modkit and parts inside differently or not uniquely enough;
    • using custom vehicleslayout lines which are just renamed vanilla ones, why would you;
    • leaving the <Audiohashname> empty;
    • including a handling but referring to a vanilla one;

    Etc, etc... I see something silly in 8 out of 10 cars. Never understood that.
    You spend hours if not days on the modelling and than completely disregard the user downloading it by not spending 10 minutes to get the files straight.

    So not before after all this I import the model, add to my own dlc pack, test it and only then move on ;)

  • @ReNNie said in I get extra cars i did not install when i install a car mod. why does this happen?:

    Couldn't care less really.

    I do when it means I have to go round chasing and downloading mods to find out why people are having problems. :(

    I wish everyone was experienced enough to take a dlc apart to do what you do. Heck, I wish I was experienced enough to do that... but I also wish people would simply put the right description on their mods. Because the 10 seconds it takes to do that, might save me (and the users) hours trying to solve the problems caused by that omission.


    ^ @LeeC2202 I fully understand and respect that.

    So, I recently only noticed multiple models inside a dlc without mentioning, or me noticing it being mentioned in Vans's Raptor and Mustang LB that both hold more (in the meta's, vehicles.rpf and the modkit obvisously). I'm done with importing Ford's, moving on to another pack :)

    btw, my sneeky remark about 'scripters easily being ticked off' was just a joke (!)

  • @ReNNie I actually thought you meant scripters were just as bad as other modders... I would agree... that's why I protect my source code, so nobody can see how bad it is. :D

  • @stillhere oh i see thanks for explaining

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