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Calipers (Hubs) falling off car?

  • I have added some real high quality calipers to a model in GTA 5 but in game 2 of them look like there falling off the rotors (see pic below). I have copied the axis from the respected wheels to the calipers and still show up wrong in game? To me it seems like the axis is still wrong but I have to use wheel axis for calipers so they move respectively with the tires and the rotors! Half the hubs stay in correct place, the other half are waay too low!

    NOTE: I added buffalo calipers at first and copied axis from respected wheels to calipers and they all worked perfect in game!

    alt text

    EDIT: They arent actually falling off the car, they just seem to be connected to the suspension of the car somehow.. I definitely 100% multiple times copied the axis from the wheels to the hubs (because the other 2 are connected to the wheels properly) and still nothing... Ive moved everything up and down in hierarchy and nothing. It has to be something simple Ive missed.. It works with vanilla hubs from buffalo, but dominator hubs do same thing.. These hubs are from a model I found on a website.

  • you mean the brake disks right? (hub)

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Calipers falling off car?:

    you mean the brake disks right? (hub)

    Yes sir, that is what I mean

  • This post is deleted!

  • Seriously, if anyone that KNOWS what there doing can at least take a look at the model in game and in Zmodeler and tell me what they think?
    Do I need to pay someone just to get 5 minutes of help? Will no one help cause Im a noob? This isnt some 5 minute job I did here! I have been working on perfecting this model for weeks now and its DONE except the damn hubs!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!


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