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After trying different solutions GTA V still crashes in story mode. Please Help

  • So I wanted to do some modding so I started out light and decided to do just 1 ADD IN car (Mercedes 560) to make sure everything worked before adding in more cars. I followed the instructions, got all the files needed, trainers, OpenIV ETC ETC and game crashes. I looked around for fixes and so far I have tried 2 different gameconfig fixes, a car amount fix, the DX Value = 1 in settings thing and changing the drive its located on to optimize for "backround services". Nothing has worked! first it would crash while loading up Story mode but now after adding a game fix from this site the app just crashes shortly after start up! I can't find any more ways to fix this and since I only have 1 add in car mod there should be an easy way to fix this no? Anyways I would appreciate any help you can give towards fixing this issue. My ultimate goal is just to put a handful of add in cars and that it, I am not looking to do any crazy modding right now. Thanks in advance.

    BTW I am using the STEAM version of GTA V

  • @DamianSicks Do you have a "mods" folder?

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