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How to make License Plates? (New To Mods)

  • Hello!

    So I'm very new to GTA PC and ever since I found License Plate mods, I've wanted to make my own designs.

    The question is how?
    I need to find a program for free that lets me create DDS files/convert PNG to DDS files. Is Gimp free and able to make DDS? Preferably making DDS files from scratch. I don't know how to delete the background for image making, so the plate has corners. I also need to know how to do the blue mask that you can see on the veshare.ytd file in x64e.

    Is it possible to create add-on license plates? If so, how?
    Not an important question, just curious.

    Thank you!

  • getpaint.net png and dds support!

  • @Beunhaas Thank you!

  • This "blue mask" is called NORMAL MAP. Search on Youtube how to make normal maps...

    I have done my own country license plates, so I know ;)

  • @HRH So that's why....Oops haha, I only have the outline so far.
    Time to make writing on the _n evil laugh
    Thank you!

  • Moreover, it seems possible to add plates, but no details available yet...

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