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Full screen crash?

  • Ok so ive install vision enb...and when am going to full screen its crash....why?idk

  • @Gtavgamer You've already got a thread about ENB crashing that you made 7 hours ago. If this is the same problem, then please continue the comments in that existing thread and delete this thread.

    If this is a different problem, then explain more about this new problem, that shows what the difference is.

  • Its a new one...the first one taking about how to make enb and reshade work togher...and this one about full screen crash,and its very simple...when am playing on windowed its working,when i change to full screen its crashing am using enb vision mod..

  • @Gtavgamer So does that mean that your other thread is solved if you can run them together in windowed mode?

    My concern when people post threads that seem very similar, is that people won't reply to them because they won't know if the person posting, is just going to make another one when their thread drops down the list.

    So my reason for getting you to post more information, is so that people can see it's a new problem and not something to just get the original problem noticed again. My goal is to help you to have a thread people want to help with, not ignore... so I try to encourage the person with the problem to add as much as they can, so that people who might be able to help, know what the exact problem is.

    I have little experience with ENB or Reshade crashing, so I can't help much I'm afraid.

    Just for the benefit of others, is this the mod you're having the problem with? https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/vision-v-enb

  • @LeeC2202 yeah that the mod..ive just want some help with that and later ill upload that with picture:)

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