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Handling Issue with Modded Police Car

  • I have searched all over the place and cannot seem to find a solution to my problem. All of my cars in my game handle fine except for the Police2 (originally the marked buffalo).
    Basically, in a standard car, when you turn the wheel to the left whilst in motion, the car would lean to the opposite direction (to the right). Well my Police2 (now a modded Charger) does the opposite, and leans into the turn. It's not subtle either, and at speeds of around 20-25 the car will literally flip inwards if I try and take a turn at full steering lock.

    I noticed that the car did this after messing around with many files and mods. So I don't think it's actually an issue with the mod, since the car before it did the same thing. I did install a handling mod, however, and I am unsure if that's the problem. The thing is, I like the way the rest of the vehicles handle in my game. Except for the Police2, which seems to be the only one doing it.

    If anyone has any ideas on what I could do to solve this problem, or how to edit the handling of this car so I can try and fix it myself, please let me know.

    If I had to guess, I would think that the handling file I downloaded probably had one number that was typed incorrectly on accident and that is causing the car to handle funny.
    I'm just too scared to try and go in and replace the handling file anymore because I've had other issues in the past.

  • @ThrustPlaceBo0 if you have a backup of the original handling.meta, I'd copy the handling for police2 from the original into the custom one you installed (after backing it up of course) and test. If it is still bugged or something else breaks you can always restore your backup.

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