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Light beam correction for modded cars

  • After replacing a car model, headlight and taillight beam from previous car is still there, usually misplaced for new car. How can we modify them or even delete taillight beam for some cars??

  • @TobsiCred Wow!! thank U! :grinning:
    do u also know how can i remove "only" the taillight coronas? cause it removed my police light coronas as well:police_car:
    I think it must be a text file... a .meta or something where u can modify the positions, intensity, remove ...


    @kia95f look in the <lights> section in the carcols.meta file belonging to se7enmoon's 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder & Weissach Kit [Add-On | Wipers] v1.1

    I use that lights ID on all my cars that I don't want to have taillight coronas. So, this ID is one of my add-ons and can be used for all other cars!

  • @ReNNie so carcols isn't about car colors after all:frowning:
    Thanks! Found all editing options... except the one that changes corona position; any one know where that is??:confounded:

  • @kia95f carcols.meta for cars and carcols.ymt for cop cars

  • @Willief23 U know where can I change corona placement? For example, I replaced Zentorno with a Lamborghini Veneno and the coronas are placed down the hood instead of being on headlights:persevere:

  • looks like the position is set by the model file!!... I found a better model... thx to all

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