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[RESOLVED] How to delete own comment?

  • I'm trying to delete my own comment on my own mod but the only option given is the option to pin the comment.
    I want to delete the comment because the content of the comment isn't longer relevant.

  • You could have deleted the comment for a short period of time when you posted it. Maybe Admin will implement something?

  • @rappo @GTATerminal

    Only moderators/administrators can successfully delete any type of comment/topic/forum section, even you can no longer do so yourself. I have mentioned them to catch their attention, so hopefully they can assist you on this.

    Anyways, on a mod page comments section after a while (I don't quite agree with this idea), a comment will be locked and no longer editable/deletable.

  • Which comment is it you wish to delete?

    Please link it.

  • "Thanks everybody for the amazing support on my first mod! I'm planning to improve this mod based on your comments. I have a strawpoll where you can vote on which changes you'd like to see in version 1.1. Please vote at http://goo.gl/vPGaT4 to help me out... Update 1.1 will be released when there are enough votes. Feel free to comment below if you have improvements not mentioned in the current poll, I'll take them in consideration for future updates."

    mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nimbus-2016-harry-potter-broomstick-mod-by-sg_mods-add-on-replace

    I'd like to remove this comment because the straw poll ended.

    Thanks for the responses!

  • @Sg_Mods Ah, I thought it was on the forums.
    In this case, only Rappo can help you out.


  • It's removed now. In the future you can either report the file and mention the comment you want to delete or just @ reply me in the comments section.

  • thanks!

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