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Cars Mods not lining up

  • Ive been doing some replacing and some of the vehicles have mods that go with them and when u go to put them on they either don't appear or they appear far an away from the car or in an incorrect spot on the car. how can this be fixed?

  • This has to do with the carcols file. Inside that file, where the modkits are configured, they are named based on what type of part they are, BUMR_FRONT_BUMPER or something like that, I can't remember, but the mods have to be specifically for that vehicle. I can help you once I open an old file I had. I added the Ford Raptor as a add-on vehicle, and the mods didn't work with it, so I had to add them in manually.

  • that must be my problem, because 99% of the cars i have downloaded do not have that file or could it be that i replaced vehicles other than what they said to put them under, like I put in a ML63 replace and they wanted it to replace the roscato but that made no sense to me when the vehicle that most resembles it is the surrano... and i already had a car for the roscato?

  • @lytdyt86

    Very carefully examine the carcols file, and take note that if you have a faulty 3D model in there, you won't even see the option to attach the car mod, add each thing one at a time, if you can't figure out how to do it I'll help you.

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