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[VEHICLE][WIP] Lexus RCF 2015 (Rocket Bunny)

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    After many hours of fixing the warped interior from Forza Horizon 3 the Lexus RC F finally has a almost complete LOD 0. Basically i had to stretch out most of the interior and fit it by just eyeballing the interior in FH3 (since i have the game) and then replicate it in Zmodeler. I think its about 99% accurate wont know till i see it in gta 5 but i have all the texture ready to go just gotta finish up the LOD 0.

    Figured i'd post some progress here in case anyone was looking forward to the model.

    Body - 100%
    Engine - 100%
    Undercarriage - 100%
    Doors - 100%
    Door sills - 100%
    Interior (dash included)- 100%
    Wheels - 100%
    Glass - 100%
    Lights - 40%
    Texturing - 10%

  • Also i wanted to ask would anyone want me to also make the car without the rocket bunny kit?


    @Machyna Would be great to have both versions, so for me yep :)

  • Alright after the rocket bunny release ill convert the other parts for the stock ^-^

  • UPDATE 1: LOD 0 now fully complete aside from the headlights and rear lights (FH3 in game issue that they never fixed but i will fix it in zmodeler). Started to texture the car, paint 1 is set for the entire car as well as all carbon fiber, glass and chrome pieces including the lexus badge.

  • @Machyna Looks sexy ^^
    Can't wait :D

  • @Machyna YES! withoit rockey bunny it will be great!
    thanks for sharing

  • Non bunny would be appreciated. I'm so tired of LB kits and cambered to be frank. I'd rather see clean releases.

  • @ReNNie Not a fan of camber either so the model with have 0 or at most 5 degrees of camber. :) The clean version will come about a week or a few days after the RB release since its what im mostly focused on atm. Thx for being interested in the model ^-^

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