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[VEHICLE][WIP] Lexus RCF 2015 (Rocket Bunny)

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    After many hours of fixing the warped interior from Forza Horizon 3 the Lexus RC F finally has a almost complete LOD 0. Basically i had to stretch out most of the interior and fit it by just eyeballing the interior in FH3 (since i have the game) and then replicate it in Zmodeler. I think its about 99% accurate wont know till i see it in gta 5 but i have all the texture ready to go just gotta finish up the LOD 0.

    Figured i'd post some progress here in case anyone was looking forward to the model.

    Body - 100%
    Engine - 100%
    Undercarriage - 100%
    Doors - 100%
    Door sills - 100%
    Interior (dash included)- 100%
    Wheels - 100%
    Glass - 100%
    Lights - 40%
    Texturing - 10%

  • Also i wanted to ask would anyone want me to also make the car without the rocket bunny kit?


    @Machyna Would be great to have both versions, so for me yep :)

  • Alright after the rocket bunny release ill convert the other parts for the stock ^-^

  • UPDATE 1: LOD 0 now fully complete aside from the headlights and rear lights (FH3 in game issue that they never fixed but i will fix it in zmodeler). Started to texture the car, paint 1 is set for the entire car as well as all carbon fiber, glass and chrome pieces including the lexus badge.

  • @Machyna Looks sexy ^^
    Can't wait :D

  • @Machyna YES! withoit rockey bunny it will be great!
    thanks for sharing


    Non bunny would be appreciated. I'm so tired of LB kits and cambered to be frank. I'd rather see clean releases.

  • @ReNNie Not a fan of camber either so the model with have 0 or at most 5 degrees of camber. :) The clean version will come about a week or a few days after the RB release since its what im mostly focused on atm. Thx for being interested in the model ^-^

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