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[VEHICLE] VH-3D Marine One and SH-3 Sea King

  • Could someone make this cool helicopter? and a non-presidental version (navy) would be cool as well (maybe it could be amphibious) :)
    @SkylineGTRFreak @elcreador

  • @B-Milan I didn't try it out but at lleast it's converted here :/ floating can be achived through data,but the bug is it never sinks any more,even after destructed

  • @Elope yea I already knew about this mod but it's norwegian, (that's not a big problem, I can make a U.S. Navy livery for it but) it still needs a lot of work on it (just read the "to do" list at the mod), and I don't really know what to change in the data to make it float

  • @B-Milan I saw a post long ago about the floating thing so I cant recall which line of data it is now...but the data is from the blimp since the blimp floats.I'll try to search for it in the comment section of skyline's chinook

  • @Elope I tagged @elcreador because he has a lot of amphibious vehicle mods so maybe he could help

  • @B-Milan well that amphibious is faced to plane class but not helicopter class :/ they use an edit of dodo's handling

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