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how do i marked a topic?

  • how do i marked a topic as "solved"?

  • I believe the moderators do that.

  • @zh465 Under "Topic Tools" staff has the option for "Mark as Solved" - if you're not seeing that, then the functionality is for staff only :slight_smile:

  • @rappo I'm sure I saw that before I became a moderator again.

    I thought there was a green button and when you clicked the down arrow, you got the "Mark as Answer" option, which is what I thought marked the topic as solved. I could be wrong and I can't tell now but that's how I thought it worked.

    Edit: After looking at the thread in the announcements section from when the question feature was added, maybe I'm getting confused with the "Ask as a question" option... :confused: Maybe the "Mark as Answer" option is on the three dots on a reply by someone who isn't the OP.

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