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Desktop notifications on forums

  • I've recently activated a plugin for desktop/mobile notifications on the forums that should work with at least Chrome and Firefox (both desktop and mobile versions). Let me know if you have any issues with it!


    @rappo Activated 7 minutes ago and working perfectly using Windows 10 + Chrome :)

  • @rappo I dont need this because nobody likes me on the forums :(

  • @rappo Seems like this doesn't work in Chrome Beta (android). :( I don't use the normal Chrome browser.

    Scratch that, seems like it's working. :blush:

  • @bur587 Here, have a notification :information_desk_person:
    @V4D3R Cool, glad you got it working!

  • @rappo Does this work only when I'm not viewing the forum? Because I didn't receive a notification for your post. :confused:

  • @V4D3R They're supposed to - wouldn't be much use if they only showed while you're looking at the site :grin:

  • @rappo Oh. Didn't receive any notification for that either.. I was viewing the Play Store. :confused: Chrome did ask about the plug-in and I accepted.

  • @V4D3R Hmmm this would be a really lame plugin if it only sent notifications while you're on the site. Will check it out


    Well, if I'm not logged in, I do see the little red 1, 2, 3's etc on the 5 forum-icon in my bookmark-bar in Firefox? Is that what this is?

  • Well now I'm kind of confused about this plugin. After testing it with multiple accounts, I think it only notifies you if you have a window open somewhere, which doesn't seem very useful to me. I'll see if there's a way to adjust it to be actual push notifications.

  • @rappo my mobiles display was off and the notification light goes on. for me it works perfect. very happy about this feature. thank you (i use android standard internet browser on this phone called internet) must check my other phone with chrome when i am at home

  • @rappo I would like this for the main site too!


    @rappo hey hey reply me back so I know if it's working, i'm using chrome canary and normal chrome

  • @ImNotMentaL hello!


    ^ lol


    @TobsiCred weird, no notification receive on normal chrome

  • @ImNotMentaL yes this happens because you didnt answer my pm since 13 days :rofl: no sometimes the site log you out and then no notification arrived, in my case after an hour after last watch on the site i get no notifications until i visit the page again. you get any popup from the site when you go back to the forum site?

    edit: i read rappos post just now. yes a tab must be open otherwise it dont work for me

  • @rappo i was writing on a thread and someone upvoted my past post. i got 5 notifications for this so the right side of my browser was spammed with this messages. and even if i was just in this thread i have to reload it after my second post i was actually writing to see the upvote and also manually demark it in the notification section. i get those messages because i have 5 tabs from gta5mods open but i think this shouldnt happen. sadly your new plugin work not that good. hope you find a way to fix this or maybe find a better plugin but i know thats a big task.
    and as i written to ImNotMental yesterday, when i am on mobile, always a tab must be open before i lock the phone to get notifications and after a hour i have to refresh the site and must do a new login but luckily without everytime entering my login data, i click on "login to post"

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