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I'm back!

  • The day has finally arrived! After nearly eight months, I finally have the PC of my dreams fully operational. The bad news, though, is that my SSD - where I had GTA V installed - crapped out on me. Today, I look forward to hours upon hours of putting all my mods, textures and scripts back - it's practically an all day event, but will be well worth it. So within the next few days, maybe a week, I will continue cranking out more texture mods as was before. Really looking forward to getting back to the community!

  • @eshenk
    Man, it is good to see you've returned. Your textures are phenomenal, and man, I can't wait to see what you've got in store.

  • @eshenk I use all your textures and really like them because they help add realism to the game. Many are missing LODs though, so maybe you can add them now.

  • @Razed It was because I was a noob then. There were more mistakes than just that. If you could name me a few, I will definitely fix them. I just DL'd the game, and am now copying all my rpfs to my mods folder. Man it's gonna be a long night, LOL.

  • @BatKnight Thanks my man, appreciate the compliment. I definitely have a bit more real-life textures to replace phony brands that still exist in-game. Once I have found them all, and replaced them, I will look into modifications for interiors - SP Apartment mod included - then exteriors, making grass, foliage, trees much higher resolution, and then really look at doing something with these peds. 2K peds is what is on my mind, but there is a LOT of them, so that project will be saved for last.

    I just started adding some mods this morning, but I have hours and hours more ahead of me, before I even fire up the game. Then I am gonna want some alone time with some GTA V before I get back to the grind. Very soon, though, I will get them cranking out again with the same frequency as remembered.

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