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Become a GTA V modder

  • Hey Guys :100: I know the gta v modding community is huuuuge... I just want to ask you, where you can learn to mod/script..... and i want to know how to start ( Texture editing, Scripting, Car modding, playermodels.. etc) sorry for my bad english im from germany :) I hope you can help me and give me tips LUV ya all

  • @Eugenius You should start with textures, it's easy, paint.net is reasonable, no need to buy photoshop unless to make bumb map idk if we can with paint.net
    If you want create model it's harder you will need zmodeler and the license is not free but you can have the trial version, look at some tutorials it's not impossible but you have to be methodical and it takes times to learn everything properly and make something stable.
    if you really want to learn scripting, start with this , albo1125 say it was the best to start with #C : http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/c-sharp-tutorials

  • @cgz Thanks for your quick answer do you know maybe some Texturing tutorials ?

  • @Eugenius yeah

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