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Add-on Cars CAN'T BE SPAWNED after UPDATE!! Pls help!

  • I updated my gta 5 yesterday. After that, i cannot spawn all my add-on cars. I have checked all the dlclist.xml and extratittleupdatedata.meta , all are correctly written. Everything seems fine but the cars cannot be spawned. Anyone can help?


    @GTA123499 'cannot be spawned'? Meaning you get 'invalid model' or does your game crash?

  • @ReNNie Yes. I got invalid model. No crashing of game happens. Just Invalid model. I have noticed all my replaced vehicles have been changed to original GTA 5 vehicles.



    replaced vehicles back to stock is because also popgroups.ymt inside mods\update.rpf is reverted to stock, i think
    invalid model but you correct made changes to dlclist.xml inside mods\update.rpf already, hmmmm? beats me

  • @GTA123499 Did you copy the new/updated update.rpf to your mods folder and then replace the dlclist.xml in there?

    Don't use extratittleupdatedata.meta, it has no use for addon vehicle mods... ignore it. As long as you have the dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml in your mods\update\update.rpf, you should be good to go.

    Edit: Just noticed where this thread is, I'll move it into troubleshooting.

  • @ReNNie Yes. All the dlclist and extratittleupdata are correct. I've been modding for 2 years.

  • @LeeC2202 I don't have a mod folder. I mod directly to the GTA files with Open IV.

  • @GTA123499 Then your game will download and replace the modded files with the originals.
    It's exactly what happened to you. Use the mods folder.

  • @GTA123499 Ah, you probably need someone with the Steam version to help then. I'm not sure how OpenIV works without a mods folder, I have the retail version so I have to use one. I could suggest things just just don't apply in this situation... I'll keep watching though in case anything pops up that might help.

  • @Rjvisser01 might have an answer.

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