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Possible Crash Solution!

  • Hey guys,
    New to posting but not to GTA V or mods. I read the FAQ's so hopefully I'm not posting something in a wrong area.

    At any rate, I was so stoked about finally fixing my relentless and seemingly random 0x00005 Exception access violation crash that I had to create an account to share what worked for me and hopefully spare someone some headache.

    Windows log said it was a .NET Runtime Error.

    The crash was random, some times right after loading, sometimes after 20 minutes.

    I have a decent rig, 16GB Ram, GTX 960, AMD quad core 8350...

    I use LSPDFR and a lot of car mods. (mostly replace not add-ons)

    I tried:
    -uninstalling and reinstalling GTA V
    -repair and ultimately reinstall .NetFramework
    -repair and ultimately reinstall DirectX
    -set DEP always off (since GTA is a 64 bit prog)
    -created a bat file to auto-set priorities
    -painstakingly checked, checked and rechecked registry
    -stopped and ultimately uninstalled Norton
    -Malware Bytes
    -All possible YouTube solutions
    -Disable USB devices one by one
    -Disable my audio playback devices
    -and on and on and on

    Some people said "it's simple, just remove your mods". Uh...yeah no. Not really what I'm shooting for.

    The first thing to make sure you have in place is the mod for the updated Gameconfig file for limitless add ons if you use them (sorry don't know how to link mods in posts yet).

    After WEEKS of testing and testing I finally narrowed it down! The solution for me, when nothing else worked and I was at my wits end, was removing "Common.rpf" from the mods folder!

    If your working on testing to narrow down your problem and the error message doesn't point to anything specific except to say GTA.exe crashed (no sh**), start by renaming your "mods" folder by just adding a character in front like "xmods". Then you don't have to copy paste back and forth with the desktop. If you can then play without crashing, you know it's in your mods folder. I tried changing nearly everything from handling and vehicles.meta to visualsettings.dat (I use RadianceV) etc etc.

    I've been playing at varying lengths from a half hour to an hour over three days, with and without LSPDFR running, pushing it every way I could think from tearing through the city at 100 MPH to a crap-ton of explosions all at once and even leaving LSPDFR running with the game just sitting idle for several hours (and coming back to half the police force since I never responded to dispatch that I was ok) and no crash!!

    Hope this helps someone. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll post back if I get anything to the contrary.

    I have Retail (disc version non-steam)
    run at windowed border less 1080
    stable play around 63FPS ~42-43 with LSPDFR

  • @Just_koz Having common.rpf in your mods folder is a very unusual thing to have. I don't think I have ever seen a mod that uses that file.

    Was it a specific mod that asked you to copy that file into your mods folder? It would be handy to know what it was if possible, it's a useful bit of information to have for troubleshooting people's problems.

  • @LeeC2202 it's a part of the Redux mod. I'm not sure if there are others that it was left over from, but I'll look into that more later.

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