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More Vehicle Modding Options

  • I dont know if any of you are already tired of the same overused vehicle mods. At least I am. Its been 3 years since release (started playing on ps3) and there hasn't been THAT much improvement for vehicle customization, apart from Benny's.

    I'd like to be able to modify my in-game cars beyond what the game offers. More interior options, being able to change color of windows/headlights/tires, being able to use Benny's tire design on non-Benny wheels, alternating neon/headlight colors, vehicle height, modifying taxis,cop cars, you name it.

    I feel like some of this might be possible already via script, but that other might need to be textured and made specifically for each car. But anythings a start, really.

  • @LtHollywood Is possible and is like you said, via script because the game not offers too much vehicle customization options.

    The script can be based in a menu to manipulate props, storing, attaching and replacing all the components added by the user in the dlc.rpf file. The idea is simple but demands work in the adjustments over the vehicle model. For example, the interior needs a base model without chairs or audio to put over all another new parts/props.

    Is a cool idea in anyway and sure GTA V needs it. I miss Need for Speed: Underground times or the amazing performance possibilities in Grand Turismo games.

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