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Car's wheels are glitching...

  • My wheels are glitched out.. they dont appear. And my chassis col is apparently wrong too, if i push the car it goes into buildings and stuff. Can someone tell me whats wrong? It happened to me in my Bullet convert, and i didnt know what caused it...
    I changed one thing and this happens...

  • @GTAVModder4Life GTAIV wft channels are different than V yft. Red channel is for ambient occulsion in V and green is for possible deformation (also in V.) YOu probably didn't change channels when converting the wft COLs/

  • Well, this model isnt from IV lol. And as i said, it worked before. @DevinKan

  • If your wheels do work, assign the materials for tire as veh tire. Gta V/Vehicle Generic/ Vehicle_tire. This should work.

    Collision must be because of a bad chassis collision. Make sure all empty spaces are filled.

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