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can some help me with this bs

  • stupid pc modding so complicated for gta, can someone Instagram me help @professormula

  • @gtaenthusiast I think your best bet is to post details of your problem here. People aren't going to create Instagram accounts just to provide help for one person. Some wouldn't create accounts there at all.

    From what I can see, you must have an account to do more than just view pictures and even doing that without an account isn't straightforward.

    On here, if someone can't provide all the help, they can ask for help from other users. On Instagram, they don't have that option.

  • @LeeC2202 I agree, a lot of GTA 5 mod based help should always be brought here. I mean, why ask to be messaged advice at such and such site when they already made an account here to bitch about something that isn't working.

    @gtaenthusiast You need to be more descriptive about your problem.

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