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Glass won't break ingame no matter what I do

  • Hey guys. So, I came across this amazing model of the Aston Martin Rapide here on the site. (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2010-aston-martin-rapide-goc-peng00820)
    When I used in game, I realized it had no breakable glasses. I fixed a couple cars that were unlocked like this one before. I obviously never published any of them, just used in my game. But this model in particular simply won't work. I tried the normal method of adding Crash value to collision and material, tried changing the external state ID in L0 and collision, but glass simply won't reak ingame. Does anyone have a suggestion? Please, that's the only car I would replace the exempalr with, but I can't stand non-breakable glasses and the author seem to have stopped modding. Thank everyone.

  • check the glasses texture name. if i remember well, someone said that the texture used for some chinese models windows/windscreen are sticked to the model itself, they simply pushed the texture's opacity till it looks like windows (so the windows are actually invisible metal/plastic textures like the whole car, and you can't make windows breakable/cracks and stuff)
    in other words, you would have to delete these parts (if doable) and add the good textures, better ask some car modders

  • @Cerberuss Thanks for the help, but it didn't worked. I'm gettin really annoyed with this car, I'm trying to replace every model with its real life inspiration, but I can't use non breakable glasses, plus, this car is too beautiful to have a small annoying bug like this haha

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