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How To Uninstall OPENIV Mod?

  • Ive installed 2 skin/texture mods that are conflicting and have Trevor looking like a zombie now. I used the mods folder for one. How do I uninstall or use the backup to restore him aesthetically??

  • @kinghippo2000
    Remove the mods folder is the easiest way. However, if you've installed other mods into the mods folder as well they will be removed once you remove the folder.
    If you have installed other mods, you have to manually replace the modded files with the backup files that can be found from the game files outside of the mods folder

  • @Carrythxd Sounds good to me, I’ll try it. (The mod I want to uninstall is more santos, and it told me to copy and paste stuff into the .rpf stuff, so it keeps crashing my stuff)

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