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[Script] Terminator: Days of Future Past.

  • This goes out to @sollaholla, or to anyone who wants to script this with @sollaholla's permission:

    Guys, I know with THE WALKING DEAD, zombies are "the shit" right now. But, if you'll join me, I would like to take you back to 1984-- the year THE TERMINATOR premiered. See, I remember at the young age of 9 being horrified at this mechanical terror; it was relentless, near unstoppable, and if it was out to get you-- you were in serious peril. You want to know what was worse? A desolate Los Angeles overrun with these monsters. One of Cameron's finest films. Let's venture home to 2017. Now, while playing the Zombie Mod, a thought occurred to me...

    If wonder if sollaholla, or someone he gave permission to, could alter the script to use one or two types of peds designated as Terminators (...instead of random peds made-up as zombies), keep 'em slow, with a walk style closest to a robot (...does one exist in game?) but make them stronger and harder to defeat. Dare we dream? Could we actually have Judgement Day in Los Santos?

    And, why stop there? What if the peds could be changed through an ini file to be Sentinels? DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, right? @TheMadBreaker has some awesome Sentinels peds, and a whole lot of X-Men to take 'em down. It wouldn't take too much altering the script to accomplish this. Just a ped selection feature to choose the skin, and because he already has fast and slow zombies, what's one more feature with a slow, near mechanical gait?

    Sollaholla, would you be down with this? Or, would you grant permission for someone to tackle this, say like @jedijosh920? Obviously credit would go to you. So...what do you guys think?

  • That's interesting you bring that up, I was thinking maybe keeping an xml file that allows you to put in custom ped models for the zombies. Anyway, a terminator mod sound damn cool man, I might just have to make a dedicated one :D

  • @sollaholla

    I can't wait to see what you've got planned, my friend. Be it zombies, Terminators, or any number of script mods that will change how we play GTA V.

    The future looks bright, or in the case of the zombie/Skynet apocalypse, it's looking bleak-- and we wouldn't have it any other way. :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @BatKnight said in [Script] Terminator: Days of Future Past.:

    Skynet apocalypse, is looking bleak-- and we wouldn't have it any other way. :thumbsup_tone1:


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