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[MAP][WIP] Map expansion to Las Vegas and San Francisco

  • What I am doing ?

    I'm doing map expansion to Las Vegas and San Francisco Using maps from American Truck Simulator .


    So I found a way to convert maps from American Truck Simulator to GTA V .
    Actualy there is one problem that it only converts map no objects onto gta v map , so too fix that im developing and tool that will help me Getting objects onto map so im finding alternative buldings to that bulidings from ATS

    So for Example Names :

    ATS : Skyscapper
    GTA V : Skyscapper Alternative Bulding Name .FILENAME * SO IM NAMING THAT ONE '' SKYSCAPPER1 ''

    I currently did 25% from San Francisco Buldings also im making new buldings into Gta V

    Where I will place New Cities?

    alt text

    When I will finish project?

    So I started project like two months ago , ao I think it will take me aprx. 6/7 months to finish

  • Nice I have made a [ADD-On] map maybe if you need help with the objects I can help you out ;)

  • If you're making a lively map, I'm not sure how are you going to fit that map considering that there are ped path (navmesh) and car path (nodes) boundaries. As such, anything beyond the red line your map will end up like a ghostown.

    alt text


    @TommijMODS Sounds great and can't wait to see any preview images :D btw, will the map be inside the game limits or it will pass them?

  • @TommijMODS I love you!!!

  • I was waiting for someone to make SF an and lv as a expansion dude you're awesome!

  • @Reyser There's a mod called "No Boundary Limits", it may work with this.

    @TommijMODS said in [MAP][WIP] Map expansion to Las Vegas and San Francisco:

    What I am doing ?

    I'm doing map expansion to Las Vegas and San Francisco Using maps from American Truck Simulator .

    Awesome! Can't wait to see some pictures and videos! Can I ask, will it have proper realistic traffic? I always thought vanilla GTA 5 traffic was unrealistic and retarded. Also, will it be possible to choose which city gets loaded? (So, a menu that allows you to load/unload say LS, so you can go to Vegas or San Fran, or vice versa.)


    @krashadam I'm using the No Boundary Limits mod since was released, but now I see this big maps project and I don't know if it will be 100% compatible with the game using both mods.

  • @Reyser I don't see why it wouldn't.

  • No boundary limits only edits the Config of the sharks and stuff like that
    It doesn't remove the limits

  • I would love to see Arizona too!

  • @Reyser it will be compatible :relaxed:

    @cyberzone2 it will fit in it

    Some screenshots comming :D stay tunned

  • also it will be not that big as in Photshop Graphic that i posted
    but it will be really big so no worries for that

    in like 2 months I will need Beta Testers


  • @TommijMODS I would love to be a beta tester ;)

  • @TommijMODS obviously I can just say good luck and nice idea ;)
    between personatly I find the map should be a bit more to east, like SF on north-west of paleto and LV a bit more South-est.
    would be fun to get this with the liberty city of OpenIV xP

  • So.. is this still going or its dead? Im really hoping for someone to do this... i mean i could try doint it myself but it would be crappy :P

  • @HeySlickThatsMe oh God I hope it isn't dead

  • @TommijMODS keep us informed :)


  • @cyberzone2 Theoretically cant you just edit the navmesh and nodes to expand the boundary?

  • Yes, but you have to edit them via exe which requires a good knowledge in reverse engineering. Those data are hardcoded, so editing them to expand the limits isn't that easy as you expect.

  • @cyberzone2 What do you mean? Does it require editing gtav.exe or something like that?

  • @cyberzone2 i thought they were stored somewhere in openiv like common.rpf or something else similar as a .xml or .meta

  • @wlupoli
    Yes. Some source codes are found only in .exe .

  • @cyberzone2 oh, then i would have no idea how to do that. I'm not entirely sure how you can decompile an exe. My best guess would just to make an entirely new gtav.exe from the ground up. But im not sure if that will do it either.

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