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  • Don't know what mod could've done it, but I only have several installed - LeFix speedo, Benny's SP, EnhancedNativeTrainer update 32 and a couple car mods. Whenever I walk into Michael's room for example the bed is missing and only the shadow remains. In Franklin's house his speakers are missing and his wine is missing from the kitchen. Hope somebody could be able to help with this issue... Would appreciate it alot.

  • @KyleMornePienaar If ever you have a mod problem, the mod page is a good source of information.

    From Benny's Mod page:

    The online map may cause issues like props disappearing from character's houses. To disable this, edit BennysMotorworks.xml found in your scripts/ directory and set UnloadOnlineMap to true,

  • Thank you so much!!
    Your soloution solved my problem 100%, appreciate the help!

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