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Graphical Load-in Issues

  • Ok. So I'm a heavy GTA V "modder" - I have a ton of mods in my game, starting with; Redux, nearly 40 car additions, 2 trainers, about 30 scripts, etc, etc. Maybe this isn't too much to some, but either way - my point being...

    I've installed, uninstalled, installed, uninstalled mods left and right to get my adjustments right, trying to figure out what is causing this issue that I am having.

    Originally I had thought that Realism Dispatch Enhancement was causing these issues. Oh, the issue(s) that I've been having is, as stated in the title, graphical load-in problems. Meaning, if I were to play the game, for about an hour, the game will start to having issues loading in textures and they may pop in and out.

    Sometimes I've noticed that this would happen if I were to load a lot of objects via spooner (other issue with this that I have to bring up), but I would assume that is normal.

    But, after reinstalling mods, without RDE installed, I noticed I still get the pop in's and out's after playing for about an hour, or so. With RDE, it seemed to be (with version 3.0), after many cop cars spawned in, the issues would start after about 20-30 minutes of them chasing me.

    Then, no RDE, but the issue still occurs after about an hour, or so, of play.

    Could this be because I have a lot of mods installed? My assumption would be from the all the cars that are installed. Again, some of them are add-ons, some replacements. I'm not really sure how I could go about testing this.

    I have a decent machine, with 16gb DDR4 ram, 120gb ssd with windows 10 installed, seperate 500gb ssd for games, i7-6700k, msi 1070gtx, msi z170a Krait edition mobo. I'm pretty sure my specs are fine.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance. :)

  • I think I may have figured a major part of this issue out. I think the culprit had a lot to do with MSI Afterburner, unfortunately. I was using this to OC and the OSD with RivaTurner. I had decided one day to try other programs out, such as CAM (which stopped working for me) and HWinfo with RT. Seemed to decrease the issue. I'm only assuming I have too much loads, as for as mods go.

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