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Looking for Arabic speaker to finish site translation

  • I had a few users in the past volunteer to translate the site into Arabic, and at the time I didn't have the site set up to handle right-to-left languages very well. It is now ready, but there are a few key translations still missing and if they're not included, it will look odd on the page. Those users are no longer active or not responding to my questions about finishing the translation. If you or anyone you know is able to help (looking for a fluent/native speaker of Arabic), please send me a private message so I can get you set up to finish the translation. Thanks!


    i started it so i can finnish it bro

  • @Faysal Okay thanks! Since then, another person has translated most of the missing fields, however there are some key ones that remain that weren't originally translated correctly. I'll message you

  • @rappo i can help :)

  • @Abdulrhman1 Thanks! Contact me on Skype later and we can talk there :slight_smile:

  • @rappo No problem!

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