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Sound Mod Crash

  • Hello modders..straight to the point.. I made an aventador sound mod earlier which works perfect.. And now making another one but after driving that car for 1 minute..it crashes my game..any solution.. Help..Thanks in advance.

  • @Niks1712 Do you have other mods on, like scripts, or whatever? And if so, how many, and what are they called?

  • No, i have no other mods installed except impot/export script, simple trainer and scripthook + trainer..im sure its because of my mod..because before installing my mod..game is working fine but after installing..it crashes my game.. and it happens on some sound files..like right now im replacing the files with tempesta sound file..if i replace my mod files with elegy sound files..it works fine but with tepesta it doesn't.

  • I've noticed the game is really finicky too with the 64x folder in mods. I had realistic sirens and modified gun sounds etc and they seemed to work fine. Then I added the bengal tiger sound and it crashed within 2 minutes I don't think it was that mod, I think it was a collective size issue. I just ended up taking 64x out (playing with default sounds) and left in 64e and "update" for the vehicles and handling, add-ons etc and it was a lot more stable.

  • @Just_koz Yeah man..like idk whats the problem..i made this Aventador sound mod and it worked fine..all the sound files timing, Hz and other things were same as the original files.. and i did the same for tempesta but doesn't seem to work good..on the other hand.. i replaced my mod with elegy retro sound to test and it worked fine..only tempesta is having issues.

  • The game is real sensitive about sound files.
    I modded the Infernus sound just by using the "boost loud parts" feature to make it more raspy. I kept the file the exact same size....loaded the game up started my car and it roared to life with the new raspy exhaust..then WHAM game crashed

  • @rastakilla yeah..i know.. The only sound files working perfect is conquet and elegy sound files.. My aventador sound mod works perfect.. It replaces elegy sound files.. Check out in my mod lists.

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