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[VEHICLE] More enterable vehicles you can walk-around inside freely

  • After seeing very little vehicle replacements/addons in this regard I figured I'd post a request.

    If someone could remove the side-door from the Journey and Camper vans in the game or provide an "access" point from behind the passenger seat to give them a better collision model to allow the player to walk into passing ones driven by NPCs like the bus mod below allows (without actually "sitting" in the vehicle, simply standing and freely moving around) it would be too awesome. You could go on hunting/camping excursions if that's what you're into or just be able to hitch a nice scenic ride from a passing one if you happen across someone willing to stop.

    See (very awesome) examples of what I'm talking about with "better" walkable/enterable collision models here:

    I'm not too sure how difficult this would be to do on the vans besides your standard rigging work, but I know for sure the Journey at least has an interior that looks like you should be able to walk around inside the back of; the larger camper I'm not too sure of. Even if these sections were lower-detailed or hell, even the same for both vans (as they were meant to not be seen as close-up) I doubt anyone would care; the fact you would be able to stand back there comfortably and walk out when you wanted would be more than enough to work with.


    Another thing I miss from the PS3/Xbox 360 version of the game was the ability to climb onto the back of certain 18-wheelers and Mules and when you would get to the top, the player's foot would kick open the back door and then you'd be able to climb down and hide inside the truck while it drove around. This is (for some reason) not possible in the newer versions of the game, and something as simple as removing a door on the Mule/18-wheeler trailers would be fine by me to fix the problem as then we'd be able to climb back into them while the NPC driver goes nuts just like the good ol' days. Who needs both doors anyway?

    Many thanks in advance. I can't be the only one who would love something like this.

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