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gta doesn't work after only using like 1 mod??? help

  • hey so i had like 100+ cars installed on gta a while ago and i messed something up and uninstalled it for a bit, after sometime i tired to mod it again and now it can't even handle 1 car and im pretty sure scripthook as well, i even made sure eveything was up to date and triple checked the steps even though im pretty ok at modding.

    so to sum up i know my game and pc can handle it but refuses to and im pulling my hair out trying to fix it and any and all help will be welcome especially if we can solve this.

    thanks peeps

  • @tetshero I guess you just forgot to install a custom gameconfig

  • oh yeah sorry no i got one of those too, should've mentioned that too, still doesnt work though, i even tried a few different ones

  • if you have any suggestions to which one you use or what one you think is best i'll try it, i willing to try anything at this point man haha

  • Best answer... GTA acts up all the time and it is just a way of life. Honestly, every problem I have had, I just deleted GTA and redownloaded everything. I know it sounds like a long process, but 2 hours is better than waiting a week for someone to reply and for it not to work. If you do this you give yourself a fresh start, replace any bugged mods, and update things. Just sayin.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 true true but i've already done that like 50 times haha, guess theres not much else i can do, thanks man

  • @tetshero The problem is, like most other people with similar problems, you've told us nothing about your current game config.

    We don't know what other mod folder based mods you have installed (texture mods, ped mods, graphics mods etc...), we don't know what other (if any) script mods you have installed. We don't know if you have any errors in any of the logs in your game folder.

    You said "and now it can't even handle 1 car" but you haven't told us what happens when you use 1 car. Does it crash, does the car not spawn, does trying to spawn it give you an error?

    You haven't even said if you are using a mods folder or not, or which game version you are using.

    What you have posted is like me going to the garage and saying "My car doesn't work" and then letting them try and guess what the problem is. We can't see your PC, so you have to give us a description that lets us imagine what it is like.

    Tell us your game version, steam/retail/version number.
    Tell us if you have a mods folder set up.
    Tell us if you are seeing any errors in the log files in your game directory.
    Tell us what script mods (asi or dll) you are using.
    Tell us if you have any other mods installed that modifiy the game files (texture mods, peds, graphics mods etc...)
    Tell us what happens with the 1 car.

    The more you tell us, the more we know.

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