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Mission modding .lua/.net/.asi

  • Just curious, how are you guys making them exactly? I mean while looking through code, there are tons of props, peds, coordinates, vehicles and etc. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to code it all blindly, what do you use to check stuff in game world in the real time to get an idea what and where to place? Are there any specific editors?

  • @Forrest-Gimp You can use something like this or make your own. https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/developer-helper

  • @aimless
    Huh, nice, thanks for the link. I'm pretty much content with Build a Mission, was just curious how people do this by other means.

  • @Forrest-Gimp Along with all coding, and tools we have, not to overlook Testing/debugging as the fact. This is where, everything you expected "Should work" changes to "didn't/don't work".

    Trust me, at-least for me(since, I am very very noob modder) I had to test my mods thousands and thousands of times, before could make a public release. Cause, normal user deserves the final release as perfect as author thought in the first place.
    So, be ready to hit "Insert key" (if you are using scripthook plugin) to reload all the scripts.dll to check your work, how close is it to be the final release.

    Also, try passing your thoughts, on forums and via chats to other superior modders, since from my experience, usually a very tiny answer could solve a very big problems. And experienced and better coder have them most of the times.

    Don't be afraid to share your work for few users via forums chat, so they could test and debug from their end, and will report any problems, which you may have skipped accidentally.

    Lastly, don't give up no matter what. :D
    Good luck. :D

  • @ashishcw
    Heh, thanks for such friendly reply. I wouldn't give up, if I knew what I was doing, and at least knew something about coding. :p

    Kinda sad how limited our content creating toolset for this game is. The way how R* is denying it so hard, especially to SP gamers is frustrating, if they would release some kind of user-friendly editor, content will be flooding this game, but now best stuff can only created by those who are good at programming, and still it's a big time pain even for them. I'm sure lots of users have tons of interesting ideas, which they have no way to flesh out...

    I admire efforts of modders who step up and try to make tutorials and tools to ease the process, but still they are very limited in what we can actually make.

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