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why doesn't anyone make any good black females for the peds in this game?

  • First thing first I want to say that everyone dose a awesome job with their mods keep up the awesome work.

    Now with that settled I would like to know why hasn't anyone made any good black female peds to add to the game cause all I see is these anime type peds and I would like to know why so many anime peds I mean there are tons of black girls out there that are famous and also there are quite a few sexy ones at that there are so many to chose from why not put them in the game hell I even suggested make some black female porn stars as peds but I guess no one is really interested or just don't like black girls for some odd reason I would like to see more variety of females as mods not just only anime.

    So with that said I just want to know why no one has ever made any good black female peds to add to the game?

  • wow so everyone just looks but don't say a thing wow smdh I am sorry for my attitude but this also frustrates me that people just read and look but don't say a thing at all at least I make an effort to comment seems like everyone has a cat that caught their tongues smdh and again I am sorry for my attitude cause I am extremely frustrated.


    @TR71777 said in why doesn't anyone make any good black females for the peds in this game?:

    Maybe that's because there aren't ...

    tons of black girls out there

    ... 3D modelwise? So, an existing model would have to retextured from the feet up so-to-speak

    Would you like to talk more about your frustations?

  • @ReNNie well there are a few like here is a few that others can look at






    as you can see there are plenty its just no one wants to do them its either they don't like black girls or they are into too much anime type peds


    Well, I guess if you pay up for those models you might be able to find a modeller to spend time in the conversion and rigging :)

  • @ReNNie well I was thinking about it but I am a disabled veteran and I am on a fixed income and I have to see what I have left after bills are paid but like I said before its either they don't want to or they to into anime peds and I doubt anyone would do any for me even if I bought the models for them.

  • @ReNNie personally there shouldn't be no excuse to not be able to make a few hell I bet half these modders got money to do these type of mods cause they mostly sell them so there shouldn't be any excuses to not have a few black female add on peds or skins

  • @TR71777 This thread is far too similar to your other thread. If they begin to cross over, one of them will be locked.

    I understand that you want this... but duplicate threads, or multiple threads on the exact same topic are not desirable. So if you want this thread to remain active, please ensure the subject matter from your original thread doesn't creep into this one.

  • well I just found out that I asked one of the modders and he said no cause there are too many 3d peds here smdh all I see is anime and Spider-Man and superman and batman galore its like they are obsessed with them hell I seen peds that are not even in any damn games like the walking dead characters they are not even remotely in any game that ive seen if people can make them and all these anime and super hero peds they can at least give some black female peds a try its like no one like black females only white Asian anime or white girl peds hell even if I do get the dang models of black female peds I highly doubt no one will make any cause they don't like to make them but everyone sure like to make Spider-Man and superman and any other super hero out there hell most of them not even remotely in video games and the anime peds is somewhat ok but could use a few black girls don't get me wrong everyone dose a damn awesome job with their mods but damn would it kill someone to at least give some diversity and verity with the ped mods hell the creators of Catwoman did a good job but one thing for sure is Catwoman was never ever white she was black I am sorry for my rant and rudeness but I am highly frustrated with the lack of black females as mods its like no one likes black people .

  • @TR71777 Most of the player models here are converted from other videogames because they usually have the necessary parts to make conversion easier. The range of black female video game characters out there is pretty limited as I'm sure you know.

    Other than that, I suggest you link to models that are free, or at least not $100+. This is a free hobby for most modders, and they're not going to pony up $100 for a model. And if people still don't convert what you want, that's the best catalyst to start learning model conversion for yourself.

    I'm going to close this since it's mainly a request, and you already have a request thread going. I suggest you update the thread with links to free models to encourage other modders to help. Thanks

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