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When will multiple author support be added?

  • I remember reading that this feature would be added a long time ago. A few major problems right now regarding this feature not implemented is only one person can be officially tagged as author, a restriction of leaving multiple comments in a certain time frame makes other co-authors unable to answer multiple questions or support other users needing help with the mod, and only the author who submitted will receive download stats, etc and can edit/upload updates/pin comments. Working with someone is a great way for the community to get together and make better mods. I have decided to work with @sollaholla on a few upcoming unreleased and released mods so this feature would be nice!

  • I had a feeling that it was like this. When I collab'd with @TheMadBreaker I told him that everytime he clicks my name it brings him to my page, which is really awkward because he worked on the mod as well. And Josh deserves as much editing capabilities as I do, so I don't have to baby the mod by myself. @rappo was mentioned in another thread related to this but I'm not sure if it was ever resolved. :(

  • When I polled about new features and asked this question, there were five other features that were requested more often than this one: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/5307/happy-new-year-next-features-to-implement. And as I started on it a few times, I've seen that it's a pretty big change for me and to the upload system in general. Sorry, but it's going to be lower on my list than the other items in that poll.

  • @rappo No problem, man. Do what you gotta do, brother! :D

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