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Welcome to the GTA5-Mods.com community forums!

  • Better late than never, right??

    Please post here with any issues you're experience or suggestions you may have for improvements. Other than that, get posting!

  • Hello Rappo!

    I've got to say that the first experience with this website is very pleasing, and i really love the layout, the transitions, the theme and everything, it is not messy at all and finding stuff is easy. A very interesting start, keep going!

    I showed this to my friend and he also really like it, and he came up with a nice feature, a live chat, but we thought it would probably get spammed...

    I really do love this though, and im happy this finally arrived.

    Well done!

  • Thanks for testing it out @Zievs! You can use a chat feature by tapping the speech bubble in the top left-hand corner. It's not a global chat, but you can contact other users with direct messages or add multiple users to create groups and have your own private chat.

  • This looks amazing. Really simple and nice. I love the messenger feature. Cant wait to see how this turns out because so far only thing we've had was facebook group. Also reply box is great, so good that it shows preview immediately. Cant wait until this goes public! :)

  • @rappo
    This is exactly what we needed. A place where users can connect with modders. So many possibilities with this!

    Everything is very well organized and it's running very smoothly on both PC and Mobile.

    Thank You!

  • @OmegaKingMods I agree!

  • @rappo There is a great showcase of gta5-mods on facebook. It would be natural to have such showcase here. Many forums for gta IV have pictures of the day and picture albums of all mods. Just links to pictures are not as convincing as pictures themselves. I would post pictures here every day like I post them on facebook. We could have much better representations of mods with inputs from more various users.

  • @kizacudo That's a great idea, thanks. I see you made a new topic for the Mods Showcase, which is great. You attempted to put the Yandex link into an image tag though, and since it's a full webpage it's not going to work. You would have to add in a tag for each image (the .jpg or .png URL) to get them to load into the forum. I'll look to see if there are some plugins that will automatically pull in galleries, that would be a big help. I can also consider allowing users to upload images in posts, I would just need to limit it.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  • Very nice idea !

  • Glad to see this is a thing! Hope it benefits all.

  • one hand shoot / animotion ,there'r my best wanted


    Awesome! Which board are you using?


    Wow, I never thought about a Forum for GTA5-Mods on this website (because already exists GTAForums), but this is great because some users are from China and they use Baidu network instead of other websites to share the progress of their mods, and maybe they'll start sharing it here, so it's more easy to follow.

    Really thank you for this Rappo, you're improving this site very well and I'd to see more features on the future ;D

  • first: if somebdy gets banned all his comments shuld be deleted
    second: how can i start my own threat on that forum?

  • In the "Releases & Works in Progress" category, could we please introduce some guidelines, such as one putting what category the mod belongs to before the title? So, for example - with the most recent post to the category - "Claude Speed Mod (Ped Version)" turns into "[PLAYER] Claude Speed Mod (Ped Version)"


    Ура! Наконец-то появился форум)) Как же долго я этого ждал!
    Я так понял, что форум пока не всем доступен?
    Сижу с iPhone, дизайн прикольный.
    Так держать rappo!

  • Could we perhaps get rid of this?
    alt text

    It just seems kind of silly to only have 25 seconds to edit it.
    Would be great to be able to edit whenever, especially if it's a thread for a WIP mod.

  • @FunGt It's called NodeBB

    @Reyser Thanks for the kind words, ideas are welcome :)

    @TopMods When you go into a certain category, click "New Topic" to create a new thread

    @GTATerminal Thanks for the great idea. If you post a topic in the Releases section explaining the tags, I'll pin it! And yes @Vlad I've increased that to 15 minutes for now but I will look into getting rid of it altogether.

    @Vitalik2187836 спасибо большое!

  • @rappo this was a very good good idea for those who have doubts in (mod create) is to talk as a partnership ! Very good Rappo.

  • @rappo Big thanks for your work Rappo, everythings great you added everything we could need :D several times in the past i was going to ask you for several things you you have now added but i thought i wouldn't bother pestering you but thankfully you were working on them anyway haha nice one :D

  • @Vlad Rappo said that he's looking into completely disabling it, but for now the timer has been increased to 15 minutes.
    We're just gonna have to hope that it can be disabled completely.

  • @GTATerminal I think I disabled it now... can you try editing a post that's more than 15 minutes old?

  • @rappo Went ahead and tried.
    alt text
    Sadly it's still giving the 15 minute error.

  • @GTATerminal Hah alright thanks, will work on it a bit more

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